Data communication via ZigBee wireless network.

4Noks, a division of the Astrel Group based in Italy, is known for its innovative contributions to the development of energy management and wireless communication (ZigBee) solutions in the world of home automation and smart cities. As a pioneer in the industry, 4Noks focuses on creating advanced technologies that improve the efficiency and sustainability of energy consumption.

The Astrel Group, of which 4Noks is an integral part, has built a strong reputation in the field of electronic control systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. 4Noks focuses specifically on wireless communication technologies based on ZigBee and smart solutions for managing energy resources (solar panel installations) and devices. Their products and systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and maximize energy efficiency.

An important aspect of 4Noks is their focus on interoperability. They understand that in today's digitized world, devices and systems often come from different manufacturers. That is why 4Noks develops solutions that support various protocols and standards, giving users the freedom to connect and manage different devices.

4Noks is involved in smart city projects aimed at optimizing energy consumption, improving urban mobility and creating more sustainable communities. Their technologies contribute to more efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact.

In short, as part of the Astrel Group from Italy, 4Noks has made a mark in the world of energy management and wireless communication. With a strong focus on interoperability and sustainability, 4Noks continues to provide innovative solutions that contribute to the development of smart technologies for a better future.


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