4NeXt Technology Systems

4NeXt is a technology company based in Italy that specializes in advanced solutions for industrial automation, data collection and management in M2M and IoT applications. As a leading player in technological innovation, 4NeXt has built a strong reputation within the industry.

The company offers a wide range of product lines to meet the diverse needs of customers:
Configurable Data Logger: 4NeXt provides flexible data loggers that allow companies to take accurate measurements and collect data for various applications, such as energy monitoring, water management and gas measurements. This enables organizations to gain valuable insights and operate more efficiently.

Programmable RTU: The range includes programmable Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) essential for industrial and process control. These units provide seamless integration and data exchange within complex automation systems.

Communications Gateway: 4NeXt's communications gateways play a crucial role in enabling reliable communications between devices and systems. They are commonly used in thermal power plants and other industrial applications.

Protocol Converters: The company offers protocol converters to connect different communication protocols, which improves interoperability between different devices and systems.

Wireless Bridges and Sensors: For wireless communication, 4NeXt offers wireless bridges and sensors that provide connectivity in IoT solutions.

The CEO of 4NeXt emphasizes their mission to develop advanced technical solutions in close collaboration with customers. They have years of experience in the field of electronics, information technology and automation, which allows them to provide tailor-made solutions within the available budget and the desired time-to-market.

In short, 4NeXt is a progressive Italian company that contributes to the growth of the IoT and automation sector with its innovative products and customer-oriented approach. They have embedded a strong culture of innovation in their business and remain a major player in the industrial technology market.

4NeXt Technology Systems

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