DATEXEL is a respected manufacturer of industrial automation and measurement equipment based in Italy. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing and manufacturing high quality and innovative solutions for various industries around the world. 

DATEXEL's product portfolio includes a wide range of devices and systems, with an emphasis on signal conditioning, data logging and control engineering. 

Here are some of their main product lines and features: 

  1. Signal Conditioning: DATEXEL offers a variety of signal conditioning equipment such as isolators, converters and amplifiers. These devices provide accurate and reliable signal processing in industrial environments, enabling sensors and actuators to function efficiently. 
  2. Data loggers: DATEXEL's data loggers are used to capture and record data in a variety of applications, including temperature and humidity monitoring, energy management and process control. They provide advanced data analysis and reporting software.
  3. Temperature and Process Controllers: The company produces controllers designed for precise temperature control and process automation. These are ideal for industrial heating, cooling and control systems. 
  4. Isolators and converters: DATEXEL's isolators and converters provide isolation and conversion of various signals, reducing interference and increasing compatibility with various devices. 

DATEXEL has a strong focus on quality and innovation. The company continuously invests in research and development to meet growing market needs and technological advancements. They also value customer service and technical support, making them a reliable partner for industrial automation projects worldwide. With decades of industry experience and a reputation for quality products, 

DATEXEL has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial automation equipment in Italy and around the world. Their commitment to quality and innovation continues to set them apart in a competitive market.




| 10 Sep 2020

Datexel, Configuration software DAT3000 and DAT10000

Configuration software for DAT3000 and DAT10000 series with Modbus protocol.

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