4G and 5G solutions for Industrial Internet off Things (IIoT).

Etic Telecom develops industrial solutions for the interconnection of machines via the Internet, known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The M2Me routers (RAS) are using a cloud platform to maintain and monitor remote machines and applications. The underlying idea here is that the establishment of such networks must be realized in a simple and safe manner for the user.
Etic Telecom is a European player that designs and manufactures telecom products (routers, VPN servers, SHDSL switches, modem, gateways, ...).

Etic Telecom


Support-Service Document
| 23 Oct 2018

Etic-Telecom, NAT feature (Network Adress Translation) for IPL, RAS and XSLAN products

Etic Telecom provides the 1:1 NAT feature (namely: 1:1 Network Adress Translation) on its 3 product families: IPL, RAS and XSLAN.This solution allows you to simply interconnect a machine to an industrial network without changing the factory IP address of this machine.
Support-Service Document
| 12 Mar 2015

Etic-Telecom, APN configuration and settings mobile networks

Internet via a mobile data network? Than first you need the name to have access to the network: the APN (Access Point Name). This opens the door of the mobile telephone network to the internet. You need 3  things: APN, username (account name) and password. These common details will be stored under a profile name. General internet use? The standard access number is *99# (some times it is a different number). In the service docuement you find the details of the providers.

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