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Geneko is a technology company specialized in designing and manufacturing highly reliable M2M products for its customers worldwide. In-house design and development of highly customizable hardware and software solutions are our core competences. Geneko is focusing on helping small to large companies to improve their M2M business processes through wireless connectivity across cellular networks. Geneko is committed to offer complete cost-effective solutions to a wide range of customers and diverse M2M applications by using 2G, 3G or 4G mobile networks.



| 18 Dec 2018

Geneko, GWG-30 and GWG-40 software update

We want to inform you about our latest firmware 1.3.5 release and its new features.   During 2018 an amount of cyber-attack has been raised. Customers that were not properly protected their network devices suffered loss of data, internet connectivity congestion and device failure. This is the reason to take care of your network devices and to think three steps ahead before any similar scenario happened. Routers, Computers and other system information and telecommunication devices have to be protected with access credentials at least. Beside credential authentication you have to be advised   that last updates of firmware and kernel of OS and all other security services updated is also very important to be performed and all together these protocols will keep you and your information’s safe as much as possible.

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