SHDSL router, Ethernet extender XSRACK-1260
26 Oct 2021

Ethernet SHDSL router / link extender

When you want to use an existing copper wire infrastructure for high reliable Ethernet connections, you need a SHDSL router or link extender.
Etic-Telecom has developt the XSRACK-1260, an 19 inch rack module (1U) with 12 SHDSL ports and 6 Ethernet ports devided over 3 slots.
In this way it is possible to transmit Ethernet signals over distances of more than 100m between Ethernet devices. The speed of the Ethernet connection depends on the distance between the SHDSL routers and the diameter of the twisted pair copper cable. The max. speed is 15Mb/s on 0,7km.
The XSRACK-1260 has two internal redundant 24VDC power supplies. It is possible to use the XSRACK-1260 in combination with the other SHDSL routers of Etic-Telecom.

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