Splitter box and media converter in one housing, pe-Light.
| 23 Apr 2018

Splice box and media converter in one housing, pe-Light

Special design for mounting in street lighting and camera masts.

EKS- Fiber Optic Systems has developed a very compact cable system, especially for use in street lighting and camera masts. The pe-Light is a combination of a fiber optic splice box and media converter in a compact IP54 enclosure so that street lighting and camera systems can be connected to fiber optics.

The pe-Light is available in various versions with an active media component to convert the signal from Multi mode or Singlemode fiber optic to a 10 / 100Mbits or Gigabit Ethernet connection.
As a passive component, a fiber optic splice box is included with pigtails. In addition, there are the connections for power supply and a fuse for the power supply of the media converter. There are also versions with a media converter with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The DIN 43628 plastic housing with protection type IP54 consists of a gray base part and optionally a transparent or gray sealing cap. With the compact dimensions of 368 x 82 x 82 mm, the pe-Light is suitable for masts with a diameter of 106 mm or more. The flexible cable system can be equipped with M12, M16 or M20 cable glands.

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