Distribution of Ethernet link extenders and 3G/3G routers
22 Apr 2016

Company news, distributor of Etic Telecom products

Distribution of Ethernet link extenders and 3G/4G routers

BESD Benelux will distribute networking products of the French Company Etic Telecom. Etic Telecom is a manufacturer of advanced industrial network routers, Machine to Machine (M2Me) routers and Ethernet extenders with different RJ45 Ethernet and RS232 / RS485 ports but also WiFi and 3G interfaces. The routers are equipped with WAN and LAN interfaces to connect different Ethernet networks together. With the M2Me routers, machines can be remotely managed and controlled. With twisted pair telephone wiring, Ethernet distances up to 3.7 km (max. 22,8Mb / s) can be bridged between the Ethernet Link Extenders.

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