Industrial WiFi Access-Point/Bridge/Repeater with dual radio, AirBox
| 19 Oct 2018

Industrial dual band/dual radio WiFi access point, AirBox

The AirBox is a WiFi access point with MESH functionality and can be supplied with 1 or 2 dual band radios.

The AirBox from Acksys Communication & Systems is a new product in the series of industrial WiFi modules.
The multi-functional WiFi module can be configured as an access point with MESH function, client or as repeater and with its dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) radios suitable for Industry 4.0 applications.
With the AirBox, 80 clients can be simultaneously connected to an access point (@ 2Mbps). Due to the compact design of 142 x 99 x 35 mm and the possibility to connect external antennas, this module fits into the switch- and distribution cabinets. With the special kit, the AirBox can also be mounted on a DIN rail.

The AirBox is equipped with 1 or 2 WiFi dual band radio modules with MiMo technology for "fast roaming" (<30ms) mobile applications such as AGVs and trolleys. Furthermore, the AirBox is equipped with 2 redundant Ethernet ports and a redundant power supply connection for voltages from +9 to 48VDC and 4 isolated digital I / Os. For save connections the AirBox is equipped with a Firewall, Open VPN, SNMP3 and other security settings.
The central management of the various WiFi modules is done via the Acksys WaveManger software.

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