M-Bus to RS232-RS485 converter, BIALON MPW-60D
7 Mar 2017

M-Bus converter, BIALON MPW-60D

Dual port, RS232 and RS485, to M-Bus converter

The dual port M-Bus level converter BIALON MPW-60D can be connected with, up to 60 M-Bus slave devices with a standard device load of 1,5 mA each. The connection to the M-Bus master is via an RS-232 or RS-485 connection. The M-Bus master may be a PC or an embedded controller. The level converter converts the signals coming from the M-Bus master via the RS-232 or RS-485 connection, into M-Bus signals. The transmission rate of the RS-232 and RS-485 interface always corresponds to the M-Bus transmission speed.

In case of a signal collision between both M-Bus masters, coming from RS-232 or RS-485, the RS-232 interface has priority. This is the splitter function of the M-Bus level converter MPW-60D.

The level converter has an overload protection and is short-circuit-proof. The response threshold is 120mA. Further, the M-Bus interface contains an overload protection at the M-Bus side.

LEDs are providing information about the essential operating and error states, such as power supply, sending or receiving of data as well as bus overload.

The M-Bus level converter BIALON MPW-60D is available in two versions, with a power supply of 230V AC or 24V AC/DC.

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