SHDSL Ethernet extender, XSLAN+
4 Jul 2019

SHDSL Ethernet extender, XSLAN+

Ethernet Extender over kilometers with 1 to 4 copper pairs.

The SHDSL XSLAN+ switch enables two distant Ethernet networks to be connected using one to four telephone grade twisted pairs.
Over one twisted pair (0,9 mm diameter) , the data rate reaches 5.7 Mb/s up to 3.7 Km or up to 15 Mb/s on a shorter distance.
A full range of products is offered :
The XSLAN+140 is a plug & play model configured with a few DIP switches.
The XSLAN+4400 is a four SHDSL interfaces line concentrator.
The XSLAN+ 2XXX is a two shdsl interfaces product to multiply the data rate or for daisy chain networks.
All that range of products - except the XSLAN+140 provide VLANs, SNMP, QoS and, optionally, two built-in serial gateways.
Etic Telecom provides the 1:1 NAT feature (namely: 1:1 Network Adress Translation) on the XSLAN.
This solution allows you to simply interconnect a machine to an industrial network without changing the factory IP address of this machine.
XSLAN+ range is made for demanding applications; they feature extend end T° range, low consumption, total galvanic isolation (except models including RS232 or RS485 interfaces), double power supply input.

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