Embedde computer boards

Embedded computer cards have been developed to meet the demanding requirements of customers in various industry sectors. These cards and embedded modules are offered in an extensive portfolio and feature CPU processors based on advanced architecture, including Atom, x86, PowerPC, FreeScale, ARM and QorIQ. They play a crucial role in enabling powerful and efficient embedded computing solutions.

The portfolio includes both CPU cards and Single Board Computers (SBCs), available in different form factors to meet specific needs. Some of the popular form factors include PC104 and PC/104Plus, EPIC, EBX, COM Express and Small Form Factor (SFF) modules. This diverse range of form factors allows customers to choose the right card to suit their application, whether compact systems with low power consumption or robust solutions for industrial automation.

The choice of CPU architectures gives customers the flexibility to optimize performance for specific tasks. Whether processing data in real time in industrial automation or creating energy-efficient IoT devices, these embedded computer cards provide the necessary computing power.

What sets these embedded computer cards apart is their ability to meet the stringent standards for reliability and stability required in industries such as aviation, healthcare, telecommunications and more. They are designed to function under extreme conditions and provide long-term support to meet the needs of critical systems.

In short, embedded computing cards play a crucial role in enabling advanced embedded computing solutions for various applications and industries. Their versatility, performance and reliability make them an essential building block for modern technologies and innovative products.



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