Network and storage

In the age of IoT (Internet of Things), the need for reliable data storage and networking solutions in industrial, transportation (EN50155), and mobility scenarios is critical. These demanding environments require hardware that can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks while enabling secure data exchange over wireless networks.

EN50155 certification is an essential standard for equipment used in transportation applications. This certification ensures the reliability and durability of devices, which is why EN50155 certified data storage and networking hardware solutions are vital.

These rugged devices are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of industrial, transportation and mobility applications. They range from Mobile Access Routers (MAR) providing connectivity via 2G/3G/LTE cellular modules (CELL) to Network Attached Storage (NAS) for efficient data storage.

An important feature of these systems is their ability to function over a wide range of temperatures. Whether in extreme heat or freezing cold, EN50155 certified hardware remains reliable and operational even under the most challenging conditions.

Security is a top priority, which is why these devices are certified by leading providers, ensuring secure data exchange. This allows stationary and automotive network nodes to communicate seamlessly over wireless networks without worrying about data leaks or cyber attacks.

In summary, EN50155 data storage and networking hardware solutions are the backbone of IoT deployments in harsh environments. They provide reliability, durability and security, enabling businesses and organizations to rely on seamless and secure data exchange in the most challenging conditions.