Ethernet data logger with Modbus and M-Bus interface, MX-5

The MX-5 data logger allows reading of Modbus and M-Bus devices, and send the data to remote users/server through Ethernet. It also provides SMS sending services for alarm events.  Data logger can read Kamstrup, Sensus, DIEHL, Danfoss, Itron, Landis & Gyr and other meters (like exotic meters/industrial meters). 

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
MX-5.0100. + MX-5, Ethernet+Modbus RS485 + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + Ethernet + USB
MX-5.0142. + MX-5, Ethernet+Modbus RS485+M-Bus+RS232 + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + M-Bus + RS232 + Ethernet + USB
MX-5.0130. + MX-5, Ethernet+Modbus RS485+Opto+SD card + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + Data Req (Opto)* + Ethernet+ SD card slot + USB
MX-5.1110. + MX-5, GPRS+Modbus RS485+Modbus RS485 + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + Modbus (RS485) + GPRS + USB
MX-5.1150. + MX-5, GPRS+Modbus RS485+Current loop + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + Current Loop + GPRS + USB
MX-5.1130. + MX-5, GPRS+Modbus RS485+Opto+SD card + Request quote
Data logger, Modbus (RS485) + Data/Req (Opto)* + GPRS + SD Card Slot + USB
MX-5.xxxx.x.x.x.x + MX-5, customized version + Request quote
Data logger, MX-5 customized version. Use data sheet for configuration.


The data Logger MX-5 is dedicated for real time logging and analyzing of data. Using GPRS/GSM or Ethernet, logger sends data to remote users/server. MX-5 can also communicate with other controllers and sensors. Device has wide range of optional interfaces and protocols and can read any kind of meters, controllers and sensors equipped with standard protocols. Perfect for telemetry/monitoring, control and smart metering.

• Possibility to choose interfaces: M-Bus, RS232, RS485, Current Loop, Data/Req, USB, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet
• Reading data from any kind of meters (water, electricity, heat, gas, cooling ...) and controllers
• Supported protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, M-Bus, MQTT, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, SNTP, IEC60870-5-104:200 and transparent
• Independent data log with real time stamp (Real Time Clock)
• Remote communication and updates through GSM/GPRS or Ethernet
• Galvanically isolated interfaces and power supply
• SMS sending for alarm events
• Additional special transparent protocol data transfer
• Power supply for external powering of meters
• Memory expansion: up to 8 GB using micro SD card
• MQTT internet of things (IoT) protocol


Archive storage up to 8 MB, data storage without power about 5 years
External memory:
Micro SD card up to 8GB
4 band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
M-Bus (2 ports):
Up to 16 M-Bus devices (8 M-Bus devices per port)
RS485 (3 ports):
Up to 1,2 km, max 32 transceivers, speed up to 19200 Bit/s
RS232 (4 ports):
Up to 15 m, speed up to 19200 Bit/s
Data/Req Opto (2 ports):
Data transfer interface (KAMSTRUP)
Current loop (2 ports):
25-27V, 14-20mA, up tao 6km, speed up to 19,2Kbit/s
Mini USB type B, ver. 2,0
Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, SNTP, IEC60870-5-104:2000, DynDNS, FTP server, FTP client, DNS client
Power supply:
9 - 36 VDC
Over-voltage protection:
Power consumption:
300mA max.
Power for external devices:
3,7/5/6/8/10 VDC (20mA)
147 x 128 x 50mm
Protection typ:
Operating temperature:
-25°C to +60°C
Real time clock:
M-Bus auto setup:
Warranty period:
2 Years

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