Ethernet link extender, XSLAN+1xxx

The XSLAN+1400, XSLAN+1220 and XSLAN+1100 are Ethernet link extenders to extend the normal distance of 100m between Ethernet devices with twisted pair cables. Depending on the diameter of the copper wire and the distance, the data rate can be between 192Kb/s and 15Mbps. The link extenders do have 1, 2 or 4 Ethernet ports. XSLAN+ is working with RSTP or Etic Telecom protocol in order any type of topology with redundancy. The XSLAN+1400, XSLAN+1220 and XSLAN+1100 supports 1:1 NAT.

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
05200260021 + XSLAN+1400 + Request quote
1x SHDSL port, 4x Ethernet port, redundant power input
05200260010 + XSLAN+1220 + Request quote
1x SHDSL port, 2x Ethernet ports, serial: RS232 and RS485 ports, redundant power input
05200260011 + XSLAN+1100 + Request quote
1x SHDSL port, 1x Ethernet ports, redundant power input
05200260020 + XSLAN+140 + Request quote
1x SHDSL port, 4x Ethernet ports Obsolete/End Of Life Replacement XSLAN+1400


SHDSL switches adapted to any network topology (point to point, daisy chain, line concentrator) and proposing advanced features such as ByPass and Auto-Negociation.

Ethernet link extender
The SHDSL XSLAN+ switch enables two distant Ethernet networks to be connected using one to four  telephone grade twisted pairs. Over one twisted pair (0,9 mm diameter), the data rate reaches 5.7 Mb/s up to 3.7Km or up to 15 Mb/s on a shorter distance.

A full range of products is offered 
The XSLAN+1xxx is configured via HTML pages. All that range of products provide VLANs, SNMP, QoS and, optionally, two built-in serial gateways. The XSLAN+ range is made for demanding applications; they feature extendend temperature range, low consumption, total galvanic isolation (except models including RS232 or RS485 interfaces), double power supply input.

• 5,7 Mb/s over 3,7 Km (1 pair diam. 0,9 mm)
• Quality of Service DiffServ
• 2 or 4 Ethernet 10/100 BT ports
• 2 serial ports (option)
• Temperature range -20°C / +70°C


Number of SHDSL ports:
Max. data rate:
15Mbps (0,9mm/0,7km)
SHDSL concentrator:
SHDSL line aggregation:
Ethernet ports:
1, 2 or 4
Serial port RS232:
XSLAN+1220: 1
Serial port RS485:
XSLAN+1220: 1
Dual power input:
Galvanic isolation:
XSLAN+1400: Yes
Plug & play installation:
Configuration via web server:
Diagnostics via web server:
SNMP administration:
IP routing, QoS diffserv:
VLAN (up to 60):
Bypass option:
RSTP or Etic Telecom protocol:
Auto negotiation:
Digital I/O:
1 input/1 output
H x L x W: 136 x 142 x 47
Power input:
10-30VDC or 10-60VDC
Power consumption:
5 Watt
Temperature range:
-20°C to +70°C (humidity 5 to 95%)

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