Managed Ethernet switches

B.E.S.D. Benelux is a leading supplier of managed Ethernet switches specifically designed for industrial automation applications. The company has positioned itself as a trusted partner for companies in the Benelux region and beyond that are looking for advanced networking solutions that meet the stringent industry requirements.

Managed Ethernet switches play a vital role in modern industrial automation. They provide the necessary connectivity, reliability and control to effectively manage data and optimize communications within an industrial network. B.E.S.D. Benelux understands the importance of these technologies and supplies high-quality switches that meet these requirements.

A special specialty of B.E.S.D. Benelux is the delivery of managed Ethernet switches with PROFINET certification. PROFINET is a leading industrial Ethernet protocol widely used in automation systems. The PROFINET-certified switches from B.E.S.D. Benelux ensure seamless integration and optimum performance in PROFINET networks. This means that companies can rely on reliable and optimized communication between their automated equipment.

The focus on industrial automation and PROFINET certification makes B.E.S.D. Benelux to a valued partner for manufacturers and engineers looking for reliable network solutions for their production lines and systems. These advanced managed Ethernet switches help minimize downtime, improve efficiency and optimize management of industrial networks.

In total, B.E.S.D. Benelux not only high-quality network products, but also tailor-made expertise and support to meet the specific needs of industrial automation projects. This enables companies in the Benelux region and worldwide to benefit from reliable and efficient network solutions for their critical applications.