Managed Ethernet Switches, 19" rack

EKS, a German company, offers industrial managed Ethernet switches in 19" rack housings with both RJ45 and fiber optic interfaces. These advanced switches play a crucial role in the robust communications infrastructure of various industries and meet the high demands of industrial automation and network management.

The EKS 19" rack enclosure ensures standardized and easy installation in industrial environments, which is essential for efficiency and space savings in server rooms and industrial installations. The switches are designed to perform in demanding conditions, such as high temperatures, vibration and electromagnetic interference.

EKS offers both RJ45 and fiber optic interfaces to meet various connectivity needs. The RJ45 ports support copper Ethernet cabling, while the fiber optic interfaces provide the capability for long-distance connections and immunity to electromagnetic interference. This makes them suitable for both local networks and larger-scale connections.

What sets these switches apart is their management capability. They come with extensive management features, including VLAN support, Quality of Service (QoS) and security protocols such as IEEE 802.1X for network access control. This enables detailed network configuration and monitoring, which is crucial for advanced network management needs.

EKS also has a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. They integrate advanced security features to ensure network integrity and minimize potential threats, which is especially important in critical industrial environments.

All in all, the industrial managed Ethernet switches from EKS from Germany provide reliable, flexible and robust solutions for network connectivity in industrial applications. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a reliable partner for companies seeking high-quality industrial networking solutions.