Managed Ethernet Switches, DIN-rail

B.E.S.D. is a supplier specializing in providing industrial Ethernet solutions specifically designed for the challenging demands of industrial applications. The switches offer a range of advanced features, including wide temperature range, network redundancy and integrated security, making them a valuable choice for demanding industrial environments.

A striking feature of B.E.S.D.'s offering is the DIN rail-mountable managed Ethernet switches with both 10/100 Mbit and Gigabit interfaces, in combination with both RJ45 and fiber optic interfaces. This provides an extraordinary degree of flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to choose the most suitable solution for their specific needs. The 10/100 Mbit interfaces are suitable for basic network requirements, while the Gigabit interfaces provide higher throughput speeds for demanding applications.

The wide temperature range of these switches makes them ideal for environments with extreme temperatures, such as those commonly found in industry. They can function well at both extremely low and high temperatures, which improves reliability and durability.

Network redundancy is an essential aspect of reliable industrial networks, and B.E.S.D. understands this well. The switches offer redundancy protocols such as Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and redundant ring topologies to ensure network availability.

Safety is also high on B.E.S.D's priority list. The switches feature integrated security features, including IEEE 802.1X authentication and secure communications protocols, to meet the stringent security requirements of industrial systems.

In short, B.E.S.D. delivers advanced industrial Ethernet switches with an impressive range of features to meet the needs of industrial applications. With their DIN rail mounting, 10/100 Mbit and Gigabit interfaces, and both RJ45 and fiber optic options, they offer users a flexible and reliable networking solution for various industrial challenges.