Managed Profinet switches

Managed PROFINET switches with RJ45 Fast Ethernet ports and ring function based on MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) are essential components in industrial networks, especially in environments where high reliability and minimal downtime are crucial. These switches are designed to provide robust and secure communications in PROFINET networks, which are common in industrial automation and manufacturing processes.

The use of RJ45 Fast Ethernet ports makes these switches suitable for connecting various PROFINET-compatible devices, such as PLCs, sensors, actuators and HMI panels. These devices are commonly used in factory automation systems to collect, control, and monitor data.

One of the most critical features of these switches is the ring function based on MRP. The Media Redundancy Protocol is designed to increase network availability by creating redundant paths for data traffic. In the event of a link failure or interruption, traffic is immediately rerouted through the redundant path, maintaining network connectivity. The recovery time of less than 200 ms (milliseconds) is critical as it minimizes downtime and maintains continuity of operational processes.

Managed PROFINET switches also offer advanced management features such as Quality of Service (QoS), VLAN support and security measures to manage network traffic and protect against unauthorized access.

In industrial environments, where every second counts and operational downtime is costly, these switches play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and performance of PROFINET networks. They provide the assurance of uninterrupted communication and enable companies to optimize their production processes, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.