5 or 8 port unmanaged Ethernet Switches

The e-light EL100-4U unmanaged Ethernet switches are powerful networking devices specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications. These switches offer several features that make them ideal for use in challenging environments.

A striking feature of the EL100-4U switches is their robust housing. They are designed to withstand the physical and environmental challenges of industrial sites, such as vibration, shock and exposure to dust and moisture. This allows them to function reliably in both indoor and outdoor applications, which is essential for many industries.

The compact design of the EL100-4U switches makes them ideal for installations with limited space, such as switch cabinets and server rooms. This ensures efficient use of the available space, without sacrificing performance.

A wide temperature range makes these switches suitable for extreme temperatures, which often occur in industrial environments. They can continue to function at both extremely low and high temperatures, improving reliability and durability.

The EL100-4U switches are equipped with various interfaces, including RJ45 ports and multimode and singlemode fiber optic interfaces. This makes them suitable for various network configurations and connections, both via wired Ethernet connections and via fiber optic for longer distances and immunity against electromagnetic interference.

In short, the e-light EL100-4U unmanaged Ethernet switches provide reliable and robust network connectivity in industrial environments. With their compact design, wide temperature range and various interfaces, they are versatile and valuable solutions for various industrial applications, where reliability and durability are of great importance.