Media converters

These specialized media converters are meticulously crafted for industrial applications, embodying key features that enhance their reliability and adaptability. Their robust housing ensures durability in challenging environments, making them resilient in the face of industrial demands. The compact design optimizes space utilization without compromising functionality, ideal for installations where space is at a premium.

An impressive attribute is their capacity to operate within a wide temperature range, showcasing versatility in diverse climates. Additionally, these converters boast an extended input voltage range, providing flexibility and stability in varying power supply conditions, a crucial aspect in industrial settings.

Compatibility is a hallmark of these converters, as they seamlessly integrate with all fiber types, including multi-mode, single-mode, plastic optical fiber (POF), and HCS (PCF). The incorporation of BiDi technology streamlines data transmission with a single wire for both receiving and transmitting data, simplifying the overall system architecture.

Furthermore, the converters support various adapters such as SMA, ST, SC, FC-PC, and E-2000, facilitating connectivity with different equipment and systems. For POF fibers, a crimpless version is available, showcasing adaptability to specific fiber types and installation requirements.

The versatility of these media converters extends their utility to both indoor and outdoor applications, making them well-suited for a broad range of industrial scenarios. Whether deployed in controlled indoor environments or exposed to the elements outdoors, these converters deliver reliable performance, contributing to the seamless operation of e-light systems in diverse industrial settings.



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