Compact media Converter, EL100-XS

The EL100-XS is an extremely compact mini media converter designed for DIN rail mounting and provides networks with an efficient and flexible way to integrate RJ45 Ethernet devices with fiber optic connections. With a 10/100MB RJ45 Ethernet interface, this inverter offers a range of connectivity options. The versatility and adaptability of the EL100-XS make it suitable for various applications.

A notable feature of this inverter is its ability to support various fiber optic types, including POF, HCS, multimode and singlemode. This means that the inverter is able to connect to different fiber optic networks without the need for multiple devices or complex configurations.

In addition, several versions are available, each with different adapter options such as ST, SC, SC/BIDI or E2000. This allows users to tailor the inverter to the specific connectors and interfaces of their fiber infrastructure. This eases integration and reduces compatibility issues.

The EL100-XS is ideal for applications where space is limited, such as industrial environments with DIN rails. The compact size allows the inverter to be installed in tight spaces, while the DIN rail mounting ensures easy mounting in industrial control cabinets.

This media converter provides a reliable and efficient way to connect Ethernet devices with fiber optic cables and supports a wide range of fiber optic types and connector options. This makes the EL100-XS a valuable addition to networks that need versatile fiber integration in compact environments.