CAN to fiber optic converters, DLCAN/DLCAN-R

The DLCAN/DLCAN-R series represents a line of CAN to Fiber Optic Converters, designed to connect CAN field bus networks (e.g., CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet) via fiber optics. This innovative system enables the establishment of optical bus, star, tree, and mixed structures, providing flexibility in network topology. The DL CAN-R model, in particular, introduces a multifunctional fiber optic system capable of constructing optical ring structures, enhancing the versatility of network configurations.

These converters facilitate reliable data transmission over fiber optic cables, contributing to improved signal integrity and longer-distance communication. The use of fiber optics allows for enhanced noise immunity, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments.

The series is characterized by its robust construction and versatile applications, including the creation of optical ring structures, which can be critical in certain network architectures. The incorporation of LEDs and potential-free contacts in a fault detector relay enhances the system's monitoring capabilities, providing visual and contact-based indicators of defective states. The FiberView system, acting like a traffic light, uses LEDs to convey the network's status. Green signifies normal operation, yellow warns of a budget approaching a system reserve threshold, and red indicates a serious error.

Importantly, these CAN to Fiber Optic Converters are proudly "Made in Germany," emphasizing high-quality manufacturing and engineering standards. This assurance of quality adds to the reliability of the converters, making them a trusted choice for industrial applications where robust and efficient communication is essential.