Modbus to fiber optic converters, DL485-MBR

The DL485-MBR fiber optic systems are engineered to ensure secure optical data transfer within MODBUS networks, supporting data speeds of up to 115.2 KBit/s. This series introduces a multifunctional fiber optic system, allowing for the construction of optical ring structures, enhancing the adaptability of MODBUS networks in various applications.

Tailored for environments with strict safety-related requirements, such as the process industry, tunnel ventilation systems, and railway technology, these fiber optic systems offer a reliable and secure means of communication. The use of fiber optics enhances data integrity, providing resistance to electromagnetic interference and contributing to the robustness of communication networks in safety-critical applications.

LED indicators integrated into the system, along with potential-free contacts in a fault detector relay, serve as effective tools for signaling defective states. The FiberView system, functioning similarly to a traffic light, provides intuitive visual cues regarding the network's health. A green "traffic light" indicates normal operation, while a yellow LED signals that the budget is still tolerable but approaching a system reserve threshold. This pre-warning level is also communicated through a potential-free contact. If the "traffic light" turns red, it signifies a serious error, allowing for prompt identification and response to critical issues within the MODBUS network.

In summary, the DL485-MBR fiber optic systems exemplify a reliable and secure solution for optical data transfer within MODBUS networks, especially in environments with strict safety requirements, providing robust communication capabilities crucial for industrial applications.