Profibus to fiber optic converters, DL485-PB/DL485-PBR

The DL485-PB systems stand out as robust solutions connecting ProfiBus field bus networks via fiber optics, introducing innovative capabilities for diverse network architectures. These converters enable the establishment of optical bus, star, tree, and mixed structures, providing flexibility in designing and adapting industrial communication networks. The DL485-PBR model, featuring a multifunctional fiber optic system, further enhances this flexibility by allowing the construction of optical ring structures.

Designed for applications with stringent safety-related requirements, such as those found in the process industry, tunnel ventilation systems, and railway technology, these systems offer reliable and secure communication. The use of fiber optics ensures improved noise immunity and enhanced data integrity, crucial in safety-critical environments.

LEDs integrated into the system, along with potential-free contacts in a fault detector relay, serve as effective indicators for detecting defective states. The FiberView system, functioning like a traffic light, provides clear visual cues about the network's status. A green "traffic light" indicates normal operation, while a yellow LED signals that the budget is still tolerable but approaching a system reserve threshold. This pre-warning level is also communicated through a potential-free contact. If the "traffic light" turns red, it signifies a serious error, enabling prompt identification and response to critical issues in the network.

These DL485-PB systems, tailored for demanding applications, showcase their reliability, adaptability, and safety features, making them a trusted choice for industries where strict safety and operational requirements are paramount.