PEL-M, part of the pe-light product family, offers industrial solutions for the installation of equipment in steel light towers according to specific standards such as DIN EN 40-5 for steel light towers and DIN 49778 for light tower brackets with sliding nuts for device mounting.

The PEL-M application is designed to be mounted in lampposts with an inner diameter of 100 mm and a door section of 400 x 85 mm. This makes it suitable for use in various outdoor environments where light poles are present, such as urban areas, industrial sites and transport infrastructure.

What sets PEL-M apart is the option to be equipped with active Ethernet media converters from the e-light-100-XS, e-light-100-XSP, e-light-1000-XSG or e-light-1000-XSGP series. These converters have fiber optic connectors and provide reliable data transmission over long distances. The devices can be configured with a variety of transceivers for both singlemode and multimode fiber links, all with SC connectors. This gives users the flexibility to choose the right configuration to suit their specific network needs.

PEL-M meets the growing demand for reliable communication and data connections in outdoor applications, where light poles act as convenient mounting points. By complying with industry standards and using high-quality Ethernet media converters, PEL-M provides a robust and efficient data transmission solution in a variety of environments and industries. It promotes effective network connectivity and contributes to improving operational efficiency and safety in these environments.