Mini Splice Box, FIMP-S

The FIMP-S splitter box is a compact and versatile fiber optic splitter box that plays a crucial role in fiber optic networks. With dimensions of 120 x 32 x 120 mm, this splitter box offers an efficient and space-saving solution for splicing optical fibers in various applications.

A notable feature of the FIMP-S splitter box is the choice of couplings available, including ST, SC, LC-Quattro and E2000 couplings. This ensures compatibility with different types of optical connectors, making the splitter box suitable for various network configurations.

The FIMP-S splitter box also offers freedom of choice in fiber mode, with options for both multimode (50µ and 62.5µ) and singlemode (9µ) fiber. This makes it possible to adapt the splitter box to the specific needs of the network, whether for short-distance connections in buildings or long-distance connections.

With a splicing capacity of up to 12 fibers, the FIMP-S splitter box offers sufficient options for splitting and distributing optical signals. This is especially useful in switch cabinets where it is necessary to distribute the fiber optic signal to multiple locations.

The FIMP-S splitter box is a reliable and durable solution for fiber optic networks and is often used in telecommunications, data centers, and broadband networks. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into existing infrastructures, while its flexible configuration options ensure it can meet different requirements.

In summary:
The FIMP-S splitter box is a versatile and space-saving solution for fiber splicing in fiber optic networks, with choices of links, fiber modes and a capacity of up to 12 fibers. It is an essential tool for reliable optical signal distribution in various applications.