LonWorks digital I/O, DK-10DI

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The LonWorks® digital I/O modules provide a solution to send and recive digital I/O signals over 230VAC or twisted pair cables. The DK-10 has 10 digital inputs.

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
095017 + BIALON DK-10 PLT-230VAC + Request quote
10 Digital inputs, PL-20 C-band power line interface, power supply 230Vac
0950016 + BIALON DK-10 FTT-230VAC + Request quote
10 Digital inputs, TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair interface, power supply 230VAC
095018 + BIALON DK-10 FTT-24VAC/DC + Request quote
10 Digital inputs, TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair interface, power supply 24VAC/DC


The BIALON DK-10DI supports the acquisition of 10 digital inputs on LONWORKS Power Line or Free Topology networks. Thanks to electrically isolated inputs, both switches and buttons can be evaluated via software. An external power supply is required for potential isolation. Alternatively, the module provides a 12 V output voltage (no potential isolation). The acquired inputs signals are available on the entire LONWORKS® network as SNVT_switch and SNVT_lev_disc. The state of each digital input is visualised by an LED. All software objects are programmed as per the LONMARK® standard. An LNS plugin is available on the STV website for configuring the BIALON DK-10DI.

  • LONWORKS I/O module with 10 digital inputs
  • Ability to connect switches or buttons via electrically isolated inputs
  • Option of Power Line or Free Topology network connectivity
  • Optionally with 24 V or 230 V power supply
  • Interoperability thanks to standard LONMARK objects
  • Output of input values to SNVT_switch and SNVT_lev_disc
  • LONMARK® objects can be switched to "IN_OVERRIDE" mode
  • Plugin for convenient configuration in an LNS tool


Supply voltage:
110V to 250VAC / 20V to 28VAC/DC
10x electrically isolated 12 ... 24 V AC/DC, high level > 8 V, input resistance 4.7 kOhm - 2x electrically isolated 110 V ... 230 V AC/DC, high level > 100 V input resistance 220 kOhm
Serial interface:
300 baud to 115 Kbaud -> RS-232 2400 baud - > STV bus
Power Line Version: PL350 / FTT Version: FT-5000
LED indication:
LED green: 2x LED for 2x digital input LED yellow: 2x LED for 2x relay output LED green: power on LED yellow: service; malfunction LED green: PKD (packet detect) LED yellow: BIU (Band In Use) payload signal present
Service PIN
Transmission media:
LON Power Line (C-Band) / FTT-10
Operating temperature:
0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity:
0 ... 90% (non-condensing)
DIN-rail mounting, 6 TE, protection class IP 20
Dimensions (L x W x H)
108 x 90 x 66 mm (6 TE)

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