Enphase Energy and LonWorks band elimination filter, BIALON FF01

Band Elimination Filter for Enphase Energy and LONWORKS® Power Line Networks.
The band elimination filter BIALON FF01 is an important infrastructure component for save datatransmission in Enphase Energy and LONWORKS® Power Linenetworks. It is designed to isolate the signals of differentcommunication groups to prevent the network nodes from communicating across estate boundaries andseparate different maintenance groups.

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Band elimination filter for Enphase Energy and LONWORKS power line networks


The BIALON FF 01 band elimination filter is an important infrastructure component for safe data transmission in Enphase Energy and LONWORKS Power Line networks. The task performed by these band elimination filters is that of separating signals from different communications groups in order to avoid network node communication beyond the site borders, or to separate different maintenance groups. Active interference sources, such as incorrectly suppressed electrical appliances can render the use of these band elimination filters ineffective. But also passive interference sources that attenuate signals are isolated from the communication line. The appliances must be connected upstream of the band elimination filter for this purpose. The band elimination filter is designed for serial installation on a DIN top hat rail as per EN 50022.


System voltage:
Max. 230V A/C
Supply frequency:
Nominal current:
Max. 63A
Phase connection:
Terminals max. 25mm²
Neutral conductor connection:
Terminals max. 2,5mm²
Ambient temperature:
-5°C to 80°C
According to EN 50022 for DIN rail mounting, 2,5 separating units, protection class IP 20
Dimensions (LxWxH):
45 x 90 x 66 mm (2.5 TE)

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