Modbus data acquisition I/O, D1-15

The D1-15 Modbus data acquisitions modules are available with PT100 and V/mA analog inputs. A 15 bit resolution is used for the analog to digital conversion. The modules have a RS485 or RS422 interface and the communication protocol is Modbus ASCII or RTU and can be mounted on a DIN-rail.

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
425015.1 + D1-15 + Request quote
Analog module with 6x V/mA and 3 PT100 input channels
425017.1 + D1-15P + Request quote
Analog module with 6 PT100 2/3 wire input channels
425022.1 + D1-15A-N + Request quote
Analog module with 6 V/mA input channels


The D1-15 module provides 9 input channels for reading of 6 analog signals (0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA) and 3 temperatures through Pt100 sensors (3 wire), with automatic compensation of the cable resistance.

The D1-15A module provides 6 input channels for reading of analog signals, with the possibility to set input type (0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA) for each channel.

The D1-15P module provides 6 input channels for reading of temperature through 2 or 3 wire Pt100 sensors, with automatic compensation of the cable resistance. 

The ramp conversion circuit ensures a reliable reading with a 15 bit resolution and a 0.05 % full scale accuracy; the module does not require calibration and mantains its characteristics of accuracy; an internal watch-dog circuit ensures a non-stop operation; interface type (RS422 or RS485), communication protocol (Modbus ASCII or RTU) and address (from 1 to 31) can be set through microswitches; the module is suited for mounting on a DIN rail.


Sensor type:
  • 6x voltage sensors or 6x current sensors
  • 3 or 6 PT100 (3 wire) sensors
Power supply for external sensors:
24VDC, max. current 100mA
Analog to digital conversion:
15 bit resolution
Current shunt resistor:
249 Ohm
Max. input ratings:
  • PT100 - 310 Ohm
  • Voltage - 15V
  • Current- 45mA
Overall accuracy:
  • ± 0,05% full scale
  • ± 5mV, ± 10µA
Acquisition rate:
1 sec. for all the channels
Max. line resistance:
20 Ohm
Full scale temperature range:
-199.9°C to +500°C
Communication interface:
RS485 or RS422 (selectable by jumper)
Communication speed:
9600 or 19200 baud
Communication protocol:
Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU
Device address:
1 to 31 selectable by dip-switches
RS485/RS422 line protection:
Against surge, short circuits and voltage peaks
Pull-up and pull-down resistors:
10 kOhm
Power supply:
18 to 36VDC, 70mA @ 24VDC
Operating temperature:
0°C tot +70°C, relative humidity: 25 to 85% non condensing
Storage temperature:
-20°C tot +80°C
LxHxD 150 x 110 x 60mm

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