RS232 to RS422/RS485 converter, AD400E

The AD400E from Acksys is a compact universal RS232 to RS422/RS485 converter designed to connect directly to PCs. The AD400E has a sub-D9 RS232 port and a screw terminal for the RS422/RS485 port. The converter is powered from the RS232 port or externaly. In the RS485 half-duplex mode it supports automatic turn around.

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0103-1303-0105-01 + AD400E + Request quote
RS232(SUBD9F)<>RS422/485,self RS485 turnaround,internal power or from mouse/keyboard port cable


Designed to connect directly to PCs, this converter has a female SUB D9 connector to the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS-422/485 port. It can be powered internally from the RS232 port or externally. Its advanced technology provides speeds up to 1Mbps, making it ideal for the fast RS232 ports of modern computers. The high level of integration and built-in protection make the AD400E extremely reliable and compact. The technical characteristics make it a universal product.

  • Automatic RS485 self line turnaround
  • Self powered or powered from external source
  • Speed up to 1 Mbps
  • SUB D9 connector for RS232 port
  • Screw-in connecting terminal for RS422/485 port
  • Metal casing, CE standards
  • LED signal display
  • M.T.B.F. > 10e6 P.O.H.


RS232 to RS422 or RS485 with automatic (or software) RS485 turnaround, line polarisation and termination via miniature jumpers
Up to 1 Mbps
Female SUB D9 Connector for the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS422/485
LED indication:
TXD and RXD signal display on LEDs (only in external power mode)
Internally powered via RS232 control signal (DTR control signal is active and for signal level voltage > +3,7VDC) or externally (external power between +4,5VDC and +8VDC, symmetrical jack for left or right side connection - USB power cable included
6 RS485 interfaces (internal power mode), 32 RS485 interfaces (external power)
HF filtering, DES IEC801-2 protection, level 4, max.15KV Surge protection by "Transient voltage suppressors", 0.3 KW 8/20 µS
5.5 mA, 1 RS422 termination-free in internal power mode 60 mA, 32 RS485 interfaces with termination in external power mode
Operating Temperature between -30°C and +65°C Relative humidity 95% to +25°C
80.5 mm (L) x 31 mm (l) x 14.8 mm (H), 31 g


Article Number Description
0103-1303-0105-99 AD400E accessories
Miniature screwdriver and USB power cable

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