WiFi 5GHz/3dBi outdoor antenna, BWA-5000

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Robust 5GHz, 3dBi WiFi antenna in IP67 case with 3 meter cable.

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5GHz, 3dBi WiFi antenna in IP67 casing


Very robust Wifi antenna in nylon casing.
The BWA-5000 is a compact and robust Wifi 5GHz antenna for installation on flat surfaces like a machine wall or roof of a kiosk terminal or the sheet metal of a vehicle. Due to the use of nylon this antenna is resilient against adverse environments, making it suitable for use in the chemical or mining industry. The industrial application of the BWA-5000 is also supported by a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

The case is protected class IP67 when mouted, a rubber gasket on the botom side is used for additional protection. The antenna is mounted by a single hole mount. A central stub (17 mm Ø × 23mm) is used to install the antenna with a screw from the inside. The cable (300cm RG-316, SMA connector) is also fed through this central stub. This makes installation of the antenna very simple and easy. The diameter of the BWA-5000 is 50mm, height 47mm, weight 80g.

The gain of the BWA-5000 antenna is 3 dBi, the radiation characteristic is omni-directional. This makes this antenna suitable for machine-to-machine communication in production environments or for unbtrusive outdoor access points or client terminals. Another range of application is the installation on vehicles (forklifts) or on systems used in public events.

Also available as 2.4GHz version with 2 dBi gain, cable 3m RG-174.


Operating Frequency:
5.1GHz to 5.8GHz
Antenna gain:
3 dBi
Linear vertical
RG-316, 3m Length
Cable color:
Operating temperature:
-40°C to +85°C
40% to 95%
Antenna mounting:
Metall surface, screw mount
Nylon, bottom with gasket
Mounting hole:
17mm Ø
L 47 x W 50 x H 50 mm


Article Number Description
2313-2306-42880 Adaptor RP-SMA/SMA
Adaptor to make a connectio to the SMA connector of WiFi equipment.

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