GSM - 2G - 4G - 5G mobile connectivity

BESD Benelux offers an extensive range of mobile connectivity solutions for GSM (2G), 4G and 5G networks, serving both simple and advanced applications. These solutions include routers, modems and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

For simple applications and cost-effective connectivity, BESD supplies routers and modems suitable for 2G, 4G and 5G networks. These devices are available in various configurations, including single or dual SIM slots, Ethernet connections and RS232/RS485 interfaces. This provides flexibility in choosing the right hardware for specific use cases, whether for home use, business networking needs or industrial automation.

Some of these routers can also be equipped with an optional GPS module, allowing them to broadcast the exact location of the installed router. This is valuable for applications such as vehicle tracking, location monitoring and mobile asset management.

For sending and receiving SMS messages via email, BESD offers 3G and 4G gateway solutions, which provide seamless communication facilities between SMS and email protocols. This is especially useful for notification systems, communications with remote devices, and IoT deployments.

The GSM modules that BESD supplies are ideal for transferring sensor data and monitoring the status of digital inputs and outputs. This is invaluable in industrial automation and control applications, where real-time data is crucial for decision-making and efficient management of systems.

In summary: BESD Benelux offers a wide range of mobile connectivity solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers in different sectors. Whether simple network connections or advanced M2M applications, these solutions contribute to reliable and seamless mobile communications and data transfers.

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