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VPN Concentrator with Ethernet or ADSL connection. The SIG supports serveral VPN oportunities like OpenVPN, SSL sever and client and IPSec for up to 100 VPN tunnels. With an extra SIG unit it is possible to build a redundant platform. Because of the modularity the number of VPN tunnels can be aggregated by using extra SIG units. Integrated in the VPN concentrator are functions like a Firewall, IP router, remote access server capability and a secured platform for smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
05200220400 + SIG-E-400 + Request quote
VPN Concentrator with Ethernet interface
05200220401 + SIG-A-400 + Request quote
VPN Concentrator with ADSL interface


VPN Concentrator with Ethernet (SIG-E-400) or ADSL (SIG-A-400) connection.

• VPN OpenVPN / SSL server and client
• Up to 100 VPN
• Redundancy
• Modularity (addition of a second SIG to aggregate the number of VPN tunnels)
• Firewall (Stateful Packet Inspection)
• IP router
• Remote Access Server capability
• Secured Portal for Smartphone, Tablet, PC


ADSL/Ethernet connector:
• Stafeful packet inspection (SPI : 50 rules) • Filtering IP@ and Ports
VPN tunnel:
• OpenVPN (TLS/SSL), IPSEC, L2TP / IPSEC, PPTP • Shared Key or X.509 Certificate • Encryption 3DES & AES 128-192-256 • Authentication: MD5 & SHA-1 • Up to 10 VPN tunnels (mix OpenVPN and IPSEC allowed)
Number of VPN tunnels:
Up to 100
Remote access:
• Up to 25 users with login and password • Individual access rights to the device • https portal enabling easy access to the remote html servers

Etic Display, secure remote system communication.


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