ZigBee to Modbus RS485 gateway, ZC-GW-485-EM

The ZC-GW-485-EM is a Modbus RS485 to ZigBee gateway. It is an interface between a PLC or PC to a ZigBee network.

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Product variants

Article Number Product Name
0414-ZC-GW-485-EM + ZC-GW-485-EM + Request quote
ZigBee RS485 Modbus gateway; 12/24VDC incl 230VAC/24VDC adapter
0414-ZC-GW-485D-EM + ZC-GW-485D-EM + Request quote
ZigBee RS485 Modbus gateway for DIN-rail, 230VAC power supply


The Gateway Modbus RS485 is part of the family of 4-noks wireless ZigBee devices. Its purpose is to be an interface between a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) or a Personal Computer and the network of 4-noks ZigBee devices using an universal standard protocolsuch as Modbus/RTU via RS485 serial interface. The use of Modbus protocol guarantees an immediate use of all commercial PLC and many SCADA for PCs.
Its role in the ZigBee network is Coordinator: i.e. it forms an active part of creating the network and maintaining wireless traffic from and to other similar devices. Furthermore it can function as parent device for battery powered sensors of the same family and saves data that they asynchronously send regardless of Modbus requests. In conjunction with the bridge ZR-BR-485-EM, this gateway offers a transparent Modbus channel.

Key features:

  • Protocol converter from Modbus/RTU to ZigBee
  • Standard Modbus RS485 interface
  • Coordinator function for a ZigBee network
  • Local memory stores battery powered sensors data
  • Transparent bridge towards other Modbus devices
  • External antenna


General characteristics:
  • Chip Ember EM2420
  • Compatible IEEE 802.15.4
  • Stack EmberZnet 3.5.x (ZigBee PRO)
  • Modbus/RTU
Radio characteristics:
  • Frequency: 2405 MHz ÷ 2480 MHz
  • Modulation: DSSS
  • Nominal transmission power: 1mW (0 dBm)
  • Reception sensitivity: -92 dBm
  • Extern antenna Gain: 5,5 dB
  • Coverage outdoor/indoor: 100m/30m
Power supply:
12-24 Vdc/Vac (±10%); 100mA; 50/60Hz
RS485 with pull out terminals (3,81 mm pitch)
Wall mounted / DIN-rail
Environmental conditions:
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C; <80% U.R. not condensing
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C; <80% U.R. not condensing
Degree of protection:
Community Directives 2006/95/CE, 89/336/EEC, 99/5/EEC; ETSI EN 300-328; ETSI EN 301-489; EN60950-1; EN50371; EN61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3

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