Digital remote I/O, LobiX-5x00

The LobiX-5x00 modules are remote I/O modules with 4 to 16 digital inputs and digital outputs and are equiped with an Ethernet and RS232 serial interface. With the LobiX-5x00, digital I/O signals will be transmitted via Ethernet or Internet. Configuration possibilities: Point to Point, Point to Multi Point and Multi Point to Point. MODBus-TCP supported.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
15340L + LobiX 5100 + Vraag offerte aan
LobiX 5100 mit 4 digitalen Ein/Ausgängen und 0 analogen Ein-/Ausgängen 82mm breit
15345L + LobiX 5200 + Vraag offerte aan
LobiX 5200 mit 8 digitalen Ein/Ausgängen und 0 analogen Ein-/Ausgängen 112mm breit
15347L + LobiX 5300 + Vraag offerte aan
LobiX 5300 mit 12 digitalen Ein/Ausgängen und 0 analogen Ein-/Ausgängen 142mm breit
15353L + LobiX 5400 + Vraag offerte aan
LobiX 5400 mit 16 digitalen Ein/Ausgängen und 0 analogen Ein-/Ausgängen 172mm breit


The LobiX-5x00 modules can be easily integrated into existing systems and can be configured via the web interface for various applications. The electronics are housed in a compact DIN-rail housing. The LobiX 5x00 can be easily configured via an existing web browser.

The LobiX-5x00 modules are extremely versatile and optimized for smart transfer of digital I/O data. It can be combined with various remote devices such as PLCs, micro controllers, I/O systems and industrial PCs.

With these module machines, solar and wind farms can be controlled or transmit measured digital values.


Ethernet interface:
RJ45, 10MB
RS232 interface:
9 Pole sub-D, 115k2 8N1
Digital Input:
4 to 16
Digital output:
4 to 16
Analog Input:
Analog output:
Configuration and default setting
Push/Pull support:
MODBus-TCP Protocol:
Yes, read/write
Operating voltage:
12VDC - 24VDC (+/- 10%)
Operating temperature:
0°C ... +50°C
DIN-rail mounting
W x H x D, 80 - 172 x 125 x 60 mm depending on version
170 g - 335 g depending on version

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