SMS gateway 8 modem, MHD-8100 4G


De MHD-8100 4G is een SMS-gateway met acht modems met een verzend-/ontvangstcapaciteit van maximaal 240 SMS/min. Het apparaat kan worden geconfigureerd als apparaat-failover (HA-cluster) en als modem-failover (twee modems kunnen aan elkaar worden gekoppeld) en multimodemstrategie.

De SMSEagle MHD is professionele hardware sms-gateway voor het automatisch verzenden en ontvangen van sms-berichten. Het apparaat is ontworpen met focus op betrouwbaarheid en stabiliteit. Het heeft een ingebouwde Linux-interface, moderne responsieve webinterface, database-backend en ingebouwde 8x 4G-modems met watchdog functionaliteit.

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1913088100-3 + MHD-8100 4G + Vraag offerte aan
MHD-8100 4G is an eight modem device with a sending/receiving throughput of up to 240 SMS/min. 1 year warranty.
1913088100-4 + MHD-8100 4G-3Y + Vraag offerte aan
MHD-8100 4G is an eight modem device with a sending/receiving throughput of up to 240 SMS/min. 3 year warranty.


MHD-8100 4G is a eight modem device with a sending/receiving throughput of up to 240 SMS/min. The device can be configured for device failover (HA cluster), as well as modem failover and multi-modem strategy.

SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages in an automated manner. The device is designed with focus on reliability and stability. It has a Linux on-board, modern responsive web-interface, database backend, and built-in 8x 4G modems with watchdog mechanisms.

Thanks to 8 built-in 4G modems, SMS messages are sent/received directly to/from GSM/UMTS network without using any external 3rd party solutions. The device is equipped with external antenna with 2dBi gain – important especially in poor signal reception conditions (eg. Server rooms). SMSEagle has a built-in SQL database for secure storage of messages. Built-in SNMP agent allows to constantly monitor performance of the SMSEagle. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use HTTP API for integration with external applications.

  • Sending & Receiving SMS (managing messages with Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)
  • Sending to single users or groups of users
  • Sending SMS at specified date and time (SMS scheduling)
  • Smartphone-like conversation mode (messages are nicely grouped by phone number). You can easily track history of what you send and receive to each user
  • Support of different message types (normal SMS/multipart SMS/flash SMS/binary SMS/USSD-code/WAP Push link)
  • Message templates
  • Phonebook (single users, groups)
  • Import of contacts from CSV file
  • Monitoring services (eg Web server, Mail server) and SMS alerting
  • Auto-reply to incoming SMS
  • Email to SMS forwarding
  • SMS to Email forwarding
  • Periodic SMS to send SMS messages at a desired time interval
  • Shift management to assign Phonebook contacts to working shifts
  • Forward incoming SMS to remote script (callback URL)
  • Digital input and output controlled via SMS
  • Temperature & humidity SMS alerts 
  • Multiuser support (each user has access to a private Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)
  • Unicode support (support of national characters)
  • Multipart SMS message support
  • API for sending SMS from external applications & systems
  • Multilanguage (English, German, Polish) web-interface
  • NTP client installed
  • SNMP agent installed
  • Built-in Apache2 web server
  • Built-in PostgreSQL database server
  • Built-in Postfix email server
  • Modern responsive interface
  • HTTPS support
  • Support for delivery reports
  • Watchdog mechanisms for 3G modem (automatic modem health control) 
  • Failover support (HA cluster of 2 devices possible)


Model type:
MHD-8100 4G modem
Processor type:
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350
Internal storage:
32GB eMMC storage
4G modem wavebands:
  • LTE-FDD: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B7/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/ B19/ B20/ B25/ B26/ B28
  • LTE-TDD: B38/ B39/ B40/ B41
  • WCDMA: B1/ B2/ B4/ B5/ B6/ B8/ B19
  • GSM: B2/ B3/ B5/ B8
SIM card standard:
8x SIM card (mini)
RTC 240B SRAM, Watchdog timer
Display interface:
OLED 0,96'' 128x64px
  • 8x Omnidirectional 2dBi 3G antennas
  • SMA-J connector
Noise level:
(width x depth x height) 44 x 15.5 x 4.5 cm
1.8 kg
Metal Rack 1U"
Operating parameter:
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60°C Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH (no condensation)
Power consumption:
max 40W
Power supply:
  • Voltage ranges: 100–240 V AC
  • Frequency: 50–60Hz
  • Plug type: EU/AU/UK/US plug
Additional interfaces:
2x Ethernet 10/100/1000 TX (2xRJ45) HDMI+DP 2 x USB 3.0
Operating system:
Ubuntu 18.04
CE, RoHS, FCC (for RF-module), IC (for RF-module), GCF (for RF-module), PTCRB (for RF-module), RCM (for RF-module)

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