ZigBee Repeaters voor Modbus en Home Automation

ZigBee Modbus en HA radio repeaters.
Radio signaalversterkers voor uitbreiding van het bereik van een ZigBee netwerk.

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4-14-ZR-REP-E230M + ZR-REP-E230M + Vraag offerte aan
ZigBee Modbus Radio Repeater
4-14-ZR-REP-E230HA + ZR-REP-E230HA + Vraag offerte aan
ZigBee Home Automation Radio Repeater


ZigBee Modbus and HA Radio repeaters.
Radio signal repeaters for extending the range of the ZigBee network.

  • Home & building automation systems
  • Energy monitoring and management

ZigBee radio repeater for extending the range of wireless devices in the event of weak signals caused by obstacles or long distances.
Thanks to continuous power, the device can also function as a parent for battery powered sensors.
The device requires no connections other than the power connection.


General specifications:
  • Chip Ember EM3587
  • Compatible IEEE 802.15.4
  • Stack EmberZnet 5.3.1 (ZigBee PRO)
  • Modbus / RTU
  • Home Automation 1.2
Radio specifications:
  • 2405 MHz ÷ 2480 MHz
  • DSSS Modulation
  • Nominal transmission power: +10 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: -92 dBm
External antenna with 5 dB gain Radio range: 100 m outdoor; 30 m indoor
Antenna connector:
RP-SMA connector
Power supply:
90 to 250 Vac; 50 to 60 Hz
Status display:
3 x indicator LEDs
Wall-fixing with screws
Ambient parameters:
  • Operating conditions: -10 to +60 °C; <80% R.H. n. c.
  • Storage conditions: -20 to +70 °C; <80% R.H. n. c.
Degree of protection:
Class II
  • ETSI EN 300 328; ETSI EN 301 489-1; ETSI EN 301 489-17; EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 60950-1; EN 62479
  • Directives 2014/53/EU (RED) 2011/65/EU (RoHS) 2012/19/EU (WEEE) 1999/519/EC
Dimensions (L x H x D):
123 x 100 x 42 mm (without antenna)
260 g

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