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Smart city - SM fiber glasvezel splitterbox en managed Ethernet switch, pe-Light-s

De PE-LIGHT-S is een combinatie van een glasvezel splitterbox en een 4-poorts Gigabit managed Ethernet switch met PoE (Power over Ethernet). De Ethernet-switch heeft 2 glasvezelpoorten voor redundante ring (RSTP) toepassingen. Singlemode 9/125µ.

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SAP item: 10007675 + PEL-S SM-9 Gigabit Ethernet PoE (Managed/Ring) 1310 nm / 10 km + Vraag offerte aan
4xGigabitTX - M12, 2x FX, SM 9/125 splice cassette, fuse, power supply, terminals, 2xM20 cable gland. PoE version


The PE-LIGHT-S is a very compact module containing a combination of a fiber optic splitter box and an Ethernet switch for mounting into street lighting and camera masts. Thanks to this smart and aesthetic solution, the risk of vandalism damage in public area is very limited.

The PE-LIGHT-S contains a fiber optic splice cassette for the assembly of multimode or singlemode fiber optic pigtails.
A managed Ethernet switch converts the fiber optic connection into a copper connection.
The managed Ethernet switch has 2 fiber optic connectors for a line or star or to create a redundant ring network.
On the copper side, the managed Ethernet switch is equipped with 4x 10/100/1000 Mbit, M12 Ethernet connectors.
The PoE version delivers a maximum of 120 Watts (max. 60 Watts per port).
The 230VAC power cable can also be looped through.

The DIN 43628 plastic housing with protection class IP54 consists of a gray base part and a transparent sealing cap.
The compact dimensions of 82 x 84 369 mm (W x D x H) make the PE-LIGHT-S suitable for masts with an inside diameter from 100 mm and a hatch opening of 85 x 400 mm.


Power input:
Passive part:
Splice tray with splice holder
Active Ethernet:
  • 4 Port 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet
  • PoE - IEEE802.3at type-1, IEEE802.3 type-2, type-3
  • PoE - max. 120 Watt/switch, max. 60 Watt/port
  • Managed Ethernet switch with redundant ring (RSTP)
1,5 mm² to 2,5 mm²
  • Polycarbonate (PC GF 6-7) / IP54
  • DIN43628
  • 82 x 84 x 370 (W x H x L)
Minimum diameter - 100mm
Hook mounting in lamp post
EN 61000-6-2 / EN 55022 Class A


Artikelnummer Beschrijving
SAP: 10007859 0250200-0003.0
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 3 m
SAP: 10007858 0250200-0005.0
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 5 m
SAP: 10007867 0250200-0000.5
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 0,5 m
SAP: 10007783 0250200-0002.0
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 2 m
SAP: 10007917 0250200-0008.0
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 8 m
SAP: 10007680 0250200-0010.0
Patch Cabel RJ45/M12 8-pol., x-coded Cat.6 shielded, 10 m

Smart city - fiber optic splice box and managed Ethernet switch, pe-Light-2

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