Splitterbox voor straatverlichting en cameramasten, pe-Light passive


De PEL-P is een splitterbox voor straatverlichting en cameramasten toepassingen. De pe-Light wordt geleverd met multimode (MM) of singlemode (SM) pigtails.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
068500000000102 + PEL-P SM-9 + Vraag offerte aan
Singlemode 9/125µm fiber optic, 2 fibers, SC, splice cassette, 2xM20 cable gland
068500000000202 + PEL-P MM-50-OM3 + Vraag offerte aan
Multimode 50/125µm OM3 fiber optic, 2 fibers, SC, splice cassette, 2xM20 cable gland
068500000000302 + PEL-P MM-62,5-OM1 + Vraag offerte aan
Multimode 62,5/125µm OM1 fiber optic, 2 fibers, SC, splice cassette, 2xM20 cable gland


The pe-Light product family are a complete solution for installation of a fiber optic splice box and a Ethernet media converter in steel street light poles with the following standard in the current version: DIN EN 40-5 requirements for steel lighting pylons and DIN 49778 street light masts. The installation of the pe-Light takes place in a mast with an inner diameter of 100 mm and a door cutout of 400x85 mm. On the back of the passive component, a splice tray, devices of the series e-light XS, e-light XS-G or e-light XS-GP be installed. These media converters have a fiber optic and a RJ45 copper port. The e-Light device can be used with a wide variety of Ethernet media converter for singlemode or multimode. 


B: 82 mm, H: 84 mm, T: 370 mm
Operating temperature:
–40 °C – +60 °C
5-95% rH, non condensing
Polycarbonate (PC GF 6-7) / IP54
Galvanic isolation:
500 VDC
Power consumption:
Cable gland:
2x M20
1,5 mm² to 2,5 mm²
Supply voltage:
Hook mounting in lamp post
EN 61000-6-2 / EN 55022 Class A

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