LonWorks S0 energie impulsteller module, DK-4S02R

Met de DK-4S02R is het mogelijk om de gegevens van alle soorten energiemeters met een S0-interface te verzamelen via de 230VAC voedingskabel of twisted-pair-kabels. In geval van stroomuitval worden de gegevens maximaal 10 jaar bewaard. De module heeft 4 S0-ingangen en 2 relaisuitgangen.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
095004 + BIALON DK4S02R PLT 230VAC + Vraag offerte aan
4 S0 impuls teller, 2 digital relay output, PLT20 C-band power line interface, 230VAC voeding
095002 + BIALON DK4S02R FTT 230VAC + Vraag offerte aan
4 S0 impuls teller, 2 digital relay output, TP/FTT10 free topology twisted pair interface, 230VAC voeding
095008 + BIALON DK4S02R FTT 24VAC/DC + Vraag offerte aan
4 S0 impulse teller, 2 digital relay output, TP/FTT10 free topology twisted pair interface, 24VAC/DC voeding


The BIALON DK-4S0-2R supports fully-automated acquisition of energy, gas, water and heating meters with an S0 pulse output on LONWORKS® Power Line or Free-Topology networks. All acquired consumption data are available as SNVTs on the LONWORKS® network. An output variable can optionally be used for energy or volume data acquisition from an S0 meter. One SNVT_switch or one SNVT_lev_disc is provided per output for actuating the digital 16 A relay outputs on the LONWORKS network. All software objects are programmed as per the LONMARK® standard. An LNS plugin is available free of charge on the STV-Automation website for configuring the BIALON DK-4S0-2R.

  • LONWORKS® I/O module with 4 S0 inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • Energy or volume data acquisition possible on all 4 S0 inputs
  • Summation of all consumer data  Consumer data calculation per time period
  • Data buffer in case of power outages
  • Option of Power Line or Free Topology network connectivity
  • Optionally 24V or 230V voltage supply
  • Interoperability thanks to standard LONMARK® objects
  • Plugin for convenient configuration in an LNS tool


Supply voltage:
110V - 250VAC or 20V - 24VAC/DC
4x S0, as per DIN 43864
Remote reading:
LONWORKS® Interface
Data storage:
min. of 10 years and 10,000 cycles in EEPROM
FT-5000 or PL3150
LED indication:
LED green: 10x LED for 10x S0 interface LED green: power on LED yellow: service; malfunction LED green: PKD (packet detect) LONWORKS Message received LED yellow: BIU (Band In Use) payload signal present
Service pin
Transmission media:
LON Power Line or Twisted Pair
Operating temperature:
0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity:
0 ... 90 % (non-condensing)
Din-rail mounting, 6TE, protection class IP 20
Dimensions (L x W x H):
108 x 90 x 66 mm (6 TE)
Relay outputs:
2x electrically isolated, max. switching current 230 V AC/DC 16A ohmic load; 8 A inductive load (cos phi = 0.5), principle: normally open

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