Modbus multiloop PID regelaar, R1-100P-x


De R1-100P-N is een multiloop-PID-regelaar met 14x PT100-ingangen met een 12 bit-resolutie en 14x NPN-transistoruitgangen.
De R1-100P-P is een multiloop-PID-regelaar met 6x PT100 en 6x potentiometer-ingangen met 12 bitresolutie en 14x NPN-transistoruitgangen.
Beide modules ondersteunen Modbus ASCII en Modbus RTU.

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415103.1 + R1-100P-P + Vraag offerte aan
Multiloop PID Controller voor kleppen en met 6x PT100 2 of 3 wire en 6x potentiometer sensor, 18-32VDC
415104.1 + R1-100P-N + Vraag offerte aan
Multiloop PID Controller met 14x PT100 ingangen, 18-32VDC


The R1-100P-N and R1-100P-P are multiloop temperature controllers for DIN rail mounting. 6 or 14 PT100 inputs with automatic compensation of the resistance of the cable; accurate readings without need of calibration; possibility to set different control strategies and to configure PID control loops for heat, cool or heat/cool control with 14 transitor outputs. The R1-100P modules have PID autotuning algorithm and programmable activation sequence to limit the energy consumption during start-up, a dedicated RS422/485 serial interface for connection with a local operator panel (F1-10) with Modbus (ASCII or RTU) protocol. A common supervision of many controllers can be provided by the SCADA software WINLOG-A or by F1-100 operator panels.


Sensor input:
  • R1-100P-N: 14x PT100 2 or 3 wire
  • R1-100P-P: 6x PT100 2 or 3 wire and 6x potentiometer sensor
A/D conversion:
12 bit
Overall accuracy:
± 0.05% full scale
Acquisition rate:
1 sec. (all 14 channels)
Full scale temperature range:
-199,9°C to +500°C
Digital input:
3x, common negative
Communication interface:
RS422 or RS485 (selectable by jumper)
Communication speed:
9600 or 19200 baud (selectable by jumper)
Communication protocol:
Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU (selectable by dip-switches)
Device address:
From 1 to 31
Regulation strategies:
Heat, cool, heat/cool, with start order
Regulation algorithm:
Advanced PID, with cycle time selectable from 1 to 240 sec.
Power supply:
18 - 36VDC, 170mA@24VDC
Operating temperature:
0°C to +70°C
  • Between inputs/outputs and RS422/485: 1000V
  • Between power supply and RS422/485: 1000V
LED indication:
Selftest, Rx, Tx
H x W x D, 130 x 275 x 70mm
800 g

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