RS232 naar Ethernet omvormer, Cometh

Met de Cometh-232 kunnen apparaten met een seriële RS232 interface worden gekoppeld aan Windows-, Unix- en Linux-computers die zijn aangesloten op een Ethernet TCP/IP netwerk. Het is ook mogelijk om te communiceren tussen twee seriële apparaten op afstand via het netwerk of zelfs een Ethernet / MODBUS-gateway te bouwen.
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RS232 SUBD9 <=> Ethernet (RJ45) + COM port redirector + MODbus TCP


COMETH range products give access to any serial equipment from Windows, Unix & Linux computers connected to your Ethernet TCP/IP network, making it possible to communicate between two distant serial equipments through the network or even build an Ethernet / MODBUS gateway.

These products feature a very high integration and a very small form factor. The support of the Telnet (RFC 2217) extension associated to a COM ports re-director enables distant serial equipments connected to the COMETH to be directly used by Windows & Linux existing applications using standard COM ports.

COMETH combines the flexibility and the power of the TCP/IP protocol as well as the universality of the Ethernet networks.


Serial port:
Single asynchronous serial port, up to 230.4 Kbps 7 or 8 bits per character, 1 or 2 stop bits, even, odd, mark, space or no parity Hardware hand-shake (RTS/CTS) and/or software hand-shake (XON/XOFF)
Serial signals:
RS232 : TxD, RxD (3 Tx signals, 5 Rx signals), RTS, DTR, CTS, DCD, DSR, RI (The pin can be used as remote power supply pin)
Female SUB D9 (crossed DTE)
15KV ESD protection with HF signal filtering, CE conformity, RS/Ethernet 1500 Veff isolation
Ethernet network:
10 Base T Ethernet, 10/100 compatible (RJ 45), the COMETH Ethernet interfaces are compatible with any 10/100 Base TX equipment (network card or HUB) featuring self-commutation, the serial data transfer between the COMETH and the hub is carried out at 10 M
Support for TCP Client/Server, DHCP Client, TELNET RFC2217 extension, Telnet Server, COM port re-director (VIP), multipoint or point to point virtual link over UDP modes and MODBUS/TCP Client/Server, MODBUS/RTU & MODBUS/ASCII protocols
From the serial port or through Ethernet (Telnet), firmware download for easy upgrade
Operating systems:
Any compatible TCP/IP system
LED indication:
1 diag. LED, 1 LAN LED & 1 RS232 LED
Power supply:
Jack external (+4,5VDC to +5,5VDC) or remote power supply (SUB D connector, pin 9)
Dimensions & weight:
  • COMETH: L80 x l23 x h24 mm, 35 g
  • COMETH-LITE: L65 x l20 x h2 mm, 5 g
Operating temperature: 0°C to +70°C

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