RS232 to RS422/RS485 isolated converter, AD400Ei

De AD400Ei is een universele compacte RS232 naar RS422 / RS485 converter met galvanische scheiding tussen beide poorten. Deze galvanische isolatie beschermt de RS232-poort van de pc en vermijdt "aardlussen". De RS232 sub-D9-poort kan rechtstreeks op pc's worden aangesloten. De RS422 / RS485-poort is een schroefklemmenblok. In de half-duplex RS485-modus schakelt de converter automatisch tussen verzenden en ontvangen. De omvormer wordt extern gevoed.

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0103-1303-0105-02 + AD400Ei + Vraag offerte aan
Isolated RS232 to RS422/RS485 converter (Not internally powered), self RS485 turnaround, power from mouse/serial port cable


Designed to connect directly to PCs, this converter has a female SUB D9 connector to the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS-422/485 port. Its advanced technology provides speeds of 250 Kbps, making it ideal for the fast RS232 ports on modern computers. The high level of integration and built-in protection make the AD400Ei extremely reliable and compact.

  • Self RS485 line turn-around
  • 1500 Veff galvanic isolation
  • Speed up to 250 Kbps
  • SUB D9 connector for RS232 port
  • Screw-in terminal for RS422/485 port
  • Metal casing, CE standards
  • LED signal display
  • M.T.B.F. > 300.000 P.O.H.


RS232 to RS422 or RS485 with automatic (or software) RS485 turnaround, line polarization and termination via miniature jumpers
Up to 250 Kbps
Female SUB D9 connector to the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS422/485
LED indication:
TxD and RxD signal display on LEDs
From an external source (external power between +4,7VDC and +5.5VDC, symmetrical jack for left or right side connection - USB power cable included), optional remote power supply
Fan out:
128 RS485 interfaces in homogenous network
HF Filtration, DES IEC801-2 protection, level 4, max. 15KV Surge protection by "transient voltage suppressors", 0.3 KW 8/20 µS, 1500 Veff galvanic isolation
150 mA, 32 RS485 interfaces with termination (maximum)
Operating temperature between 0°C and +65°C Relative humidity 95% to +25°C
73 mm (L) x 31 mm (l) x 14.8 mm (H), 31 g


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0103-1303-0105-99 AD400Ei accessories
Miniature screwdriver and USB power cable

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