USB naar RS232/RS422/RS485 omvormer, USBPortx

De USBPort/2 en USBPort/4 zijn robuuste industriële USB naar RS232, RS422 en RS485 seriële interface omzetters. De RS422 en RS485 poorten zijn opto geïsoleerd om aardlussen te voorkomen. De USBPort/2 en USBPort/4 zijn plug & play-apparaten met twee seriële poorten die tot 3 Mbps via de seriële verbinding ondersteunen.

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Artikelnummer Productnaam
0103-1921-2116-01 + USBPORT/2 + Vraag offerte aan
Geïsoleerde 2-poort RS232/RS422/RS485 seriële Hub, voeding van USB bus of van een externe voeding +9VDC to +36VDC, incl. 2 meter USB type A/B kabel
0103-1921-2116-02 + USBPORT/4 + Vraag offerte aan
Geïsoleerde 4-poort RS232/RS422/RS485 seriële Hub, voeding van USB bus of van een externe voeding +9VDC to +36VDC, incl. 2 meter USB type A/B kabel en PWS-12 voeiding


This new range of serial to USB solution (USBPort/x) offers performance, simplicity of installation, security, robustness and high reliability. USBPort/x is proposed in two models : 2 and 4 isolated port with 3 in 1 serial interface RS232, RS422 & RS485 in order to cover all technical requirements of industrial environments. USBPort/x installation is quite simple as the product is instantly plug & play, it doesn't require any IRQ, DMA or I/O port resources.Installed serial ports are considered by Windows 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA, SEVEN & Linux operating systems as computer's standard COM ports. USBPort supports up to 3 Mbps over the serial link. A decimal divider makes it possible the program non-standard highly accurate baud-rates.


2 or 4 RS232 / RS422 / RS485 asynchronous serial ports for USB 2.0
RS signals:
RS232 mode : TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DCD, DTR, RI & GND RS422 mode : A, A’, B, B’ & GND - RS485 mode : AA’, BB’ & GND
Asynchronous 5, 6, 7 or 8 bits per character 1, 1½, 2 stop bits Even, odd, mark, space or no parity
Data rate:
From 300 Kbps to 3 Mbps on each port
TX: 128 bytes, RX: 384 bytes on each port
Hardware hand-shake (RTS/CTS) and/or software hand-shake (XON/XOFF) with automatic line direction control in the RS485 mode.
RS connectors:
5-point screw-in terminal for each RS422/RS485 port, male SUB D9 connector for RS232
15KV ESD protection with HF signal filtering, CE standards
1500Vrms optic isolation on RS422/RS485 serial ports
LED indication:
2 LEDs per port to monitor TxD & RxD signals activity, one LED for power supply
Power supply:
USB bus powered of from an external power source (+9 to +36VDC) on jack or Phoenix connector. USBPort/x enables to chain other USB devices and thus power other USB equipments from the product.
Operating systems:
Windows 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA, SEVEN and Linux (please consult us for other OS)
2.5W for the 2-port version, 3.5W for the 4-port version
« Plug & Play » equipment, quick & easy Windows installation, RS232 / RS422 / RS485 mode, polarization and line termination are switches configurable.
NF EN 55022 residential emission, NF EN 61000-6-2 industrial immunity
Operating temperature from -40°C to +70°C, storage -40°C to +80°C, 0 to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Metal case for panel mounting, 35 mm Din Rail mounting accessories available optionally
USBPort/2: 168 mm (L) x 112 mm (W) x 26 mm (H) USBPort/4: 168 mm (L) x 112 mm (W) x 42 mm (H)
445 g for the 2-port version, 610 g for the 4-port version


Artikelnummer Beschrijving
0103-0103-1623-05 PWS12
Optional external power source (+12VDC / 5.5W) for USBPort/2 (required when chaining several devices on the same USB port or when the USB HUB delivers less than 500mA)

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