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Software updates SMSEagle modules

Datum: 11-01-2017
Onderwerp: Software update 3.0

SMSEagle software is under process of continual improvement. We listen to our customers, and new releases are based on our customer’s inputs/requests. If you would like to share your improvement idea for SMSEagle just use the blue tab on the right side.

Access to software upgrades for SMSEagle device is free within warranty period. If you would like to perform a software update on your device, please send an email to including your device’s MAC address and software version on your device (current software version can be found in web-gui > menu Settings > Sysinfo).

Below we publish release history of SMSEagle software. If you would like to be automatically informed on future software releases like us on FB profile.
Release history
Version 3.0 (Released 02.01.2017)
• All devices:
new plugin “Periodic SMS” for sending periodic SMS messages
new plugin “Digital Input/Output” for triggering digital inputs/outputs on the device
Email2SMS & SMS2Email two-way support: new option in SMS2Email “Type of email forwarding” allows two-way work of email -> SMS -> email
Email2SMS: added better error handling
SMS2Email: phonebook contactname from incoming SMS is recognized and put in email message
SMS Forward: fixed a bug with losing encoding information
SMS Forward: fixed bug which sometimes caused editing of existing rule instead of creating new one, recipients validation fix
Network Monitor: fixed bug which sometimes caused editing of existing rule instead of creating new one, recipients validation fix
Network Monitor: hostname field length extended to 255 characters
HTTP API: JSONRPC increased number of available methods (full support of methods from HTTP GET)
HTTP API: JSONRPC methods can now return responses as extended json object (optional)
HTTP API: HTTP GET methods can now return responses as xml object (optional)
HTTP API: methods group_addcontact and group_removecontact now supports multiple parameters
HTTP API: method read_sms now supports also reading of sendingerror folder
HTTP API: send_sms using JSONRPC now supports oid parameter
HTTP API: HTTP GET API call without or with wrong method name now returns string instead of array
HTTP API: fixed “to” parameter validation in send_sms and send_binary_sms
HTTP API: fixed parameters validation in send_togroup, group_update, group_delete, contact_update, contact_delete
web-gui: added percent sign in signal strength
web-gui: fixed visibility issue on phonebook’s private groups, fixed “Add Contact” button behaviour on empty groups
web-gui: fixed a bug, which allowed to delete own user account
web-gui: user signature length extended to 160 chars
web-gui: fixed compose window appearance on smartphones
web-gui: minor translation fixes
• NXS family only:
overall performance improvements in SMSEagle web application
web-gui: added failover control in settings for NXS devices
web-gui: corrected timezone settings for Australia/Brisbane
new version of modem software
upgrade of installed packages
minor changes in system scripts

Version 2.8 (Released 05.09.2016)
• All devices:
new SMSForward plugin that allows forwarding of incoming SMS to contacts or groups from phonebook
EMail2SMS: search for groupname or contactname in phonebook is now case insensitive
Email2SMS: new plugin setting that allows special national chars (like ąäàöß我) in SMS converted from email
web-gui: new browser tab notification and sound notification (optional) on incoming SMS
web-gui: new setting for automatic time synchronization with NTP-server
web-gui: new button in menu Settings/Sysinfo for easier download of device logs
web-gui: new filter “User” in advanced search box
web-gui: fixed multi-page display of folder Sentitems > sending_error
web-gui: fixed display of multipart messages in Outbox and My folders
HTTP API: new method send_binary_sms for sending of binary SMS messages
HTTP API: improved handling method for JSON requests
HTTP API: new parameter oid in send_sms method. The parameter is a user-defined unique ID that is assigned to a message-phone number pair. This ID can be used to uniquely identify a message sent/received to/from a particular phone number
HTTP API: non-urlencoded country prefix in destination phone number is also accepted by send_sms methods
HTTP API: SMS delivery report setting is now configurable in web-gui
timezone settings: corrected timezone definition for America/Chicago, Europe/Vilnius
OS scripts: new script for deleting content of selected folder (inbox|outbox|sentitems)
• NXS family only:
web-gui: timezone definition bug corrected
web-gui: fixed bug with WAP push link in Compose SMS dialog
SMS2Email: enabled connection encryption with SMTP servers
new version of modem software
upgrade of installed packages
minor changes in system scripts