Media omvormer DIN-rail POF/HCS PoE

De EL100-3P met Power over Ethernet (PoE) functie, is een compacte RJ45 Ethernet naar POF (Plastic Optic Fibre, HCS (Hard Clad Silica), multimode of singlemode glasvezel media omvormer voor DIN-rail montage. De omvormer kan worden gebruikt in 10/100MB netwerken om het bereik uit te breiden naar tot 100 km. De SC-BIDI variant biedt de mogelijkheid van datacommunicatie (verzenden en ontvangen) via één glasvezel.

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045000101E + EL100-3P ST-Duplex POF + Vraag offerte aan
EL100-3P media converter for POF (Plastic Optic Fiber) optic with ST adapter to 10/100MB Ethernet
045000111E + EL100-3P ST-Duplex HCS + Vraag offerte aan
EL100-3P media converter for HCS (Hard Clad Silica) optic with ST adapter to 10/100MB Ethernet


The EL100-3P, with PoE function, media converters have an extra small housing with a dimension of 82 x 93 x 22.5 mm. Its features are Auto-Negotiation and Auto MDX/MDIX.

The flat design of the housing offers an extremely high degree of flexibility for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. EL100-3U-UP is suitable wherever there is little space, e. g. in small distribution boxes. In connection with other systems out of the e-light and DragonLine series respectively, individual applications can be realized.

The EL100-3P standard mode is Converter Mode, if all ports work with 100 MBit/s. Otherwise the mode is Cut-Through. Optionally, the device is also available with Store & Forward mode or with Pass-Through mode if a small latency is needed.


FO adapter:
Fiber type:
POF 980/1000µm / HCS 200/230µm
Optical budget:
POF 12dB / HCS 8dB
FO range:
POF 50m (180 dB/km) / HCS 200m (180 dB/km)
POF 650 nm / HCS 850 nm
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet / IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet
Switching Modus:
Cut Through modified, others on request
10/100 Base TX-Port:
1 x RJ45 / Auto-Negotiation / Auto MDI/MDI-X / Supports length up to 100 m (CAT 5)
TX each Port / PoE-Status (only EL100-3UP)
Power supply:
44 to 57 VDC for EL100-3UP with PoE 50 to 57 VDC for EL100-3UP with PoE+
Power consumption:
2,4 Watts, 50 mA (48 V) for EL100-3UP with PoE
Operating temperature:
-10°C to +55°C
EN61000-6-2/EN55022 Class B + A1 + A2
150 g
82 x 93 x 22,5 mm
Polyamid, black

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