Ethernet link extender, XSLAN+1xxx

De XSLAN+1400, XSLAN+1220 en XSLAN+1100 zijn Ethernet-link-extenders om de maximale afstand van 100 meter tussen Ethernet-apparaten met twisted-pair kabels te vergroten. Afhankelijk van de diameter van de koperdraad en de afstand kan de datasnelheid tussen 192Kb/s en 15Mbps liggen. De link extenders hebben 1, 2 of 4 Ethernet poorten. XSLAN + werkt met RSTP of Etic Telecom protocol voor elk type topologie met redundantie. De XSLAN+1400, XSLAN+1220 en XSLAN+1100 ondersteunen 1:1 NAT.

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Product varianten

Artikelnummer Productnaam
4014001 + XSLAN+1400 + Vraag offerte aan
1x SHDSL poort, 4x Ethernet poort, redundante voeding aansluiting
4012200 + XSLAN+1220 + Vraag offerte aan
1x SHDSL poort, 2x Ethernet poorts, serieel: RS232 en RS485 poorten, redundante voeding aansluiting
4011000 + XSLAN+1100 + Vraag offerte aan
1x SHDSL poort, 1x Ethernet poorten, redundante voeding aansluiting
05200260020 + XSLAN+140 + Vraag offerte aan
1x SHDSL port, 4x Ethernet ports Obsolete/End Of Life Replacement XSLAN+1400


SHDSL switches adapted to any network topology (point to point, daisy chain, line concentrator) and proposing advanced features such as ByPass and Auto-Negociation.

Ethernet link extender
The SHDSL XSLAN+ switch enables two distant Ethernet networks to be connected using one to four  telephone grade twisted pairs. Over one twisted pair (0,9 mm diameter), the data rate reaches 5.7 Mb/s up to 3.7Km or up to 15 Mb/s on a shorter distance.

A full range of products is offered 
The XSLAN+1xxx is configured via HTML pages. All that range of products provide VLANs, SNMP, QoS and, optionally, two built-in serial gateways. The XSLAN+ range is made for demanding applications; they feature extendend temperature range, low consumption, total galvanic isolation (except models including RS232 or RS485 interfaces), double power supply input.

• 5,7 Mb/s over 3,7 Km (1 pair diam. 0,9 mm)
• Quality of Service DiffServ
• 2 or 4 Ethernet 10/100 BT ports
• 2 serial ports (option)
• Temperature range -20°C / +70°C


Number of SHDSL ports:
Max. data rate:
15Mbps (0,9mm/0,7km)
SHDSL concentrator:
SHDSL line aggregation:
Ethernet ports:
1, 2 or 4
Serial port RS232:
XSLAN+1220: 1
Serial port RS485:
XSLAN+1220: 1
Dual power input:
Galvanic isolation:
XSLAN+1400: Yes
Plug & play installation:
Configuration via web server:
Diagnostics via web server:
SNMP administration:
IP routing, QoS diffserv:
VLAN (up to 60):
Bypass option:
RSTP or Etic Telecom protocol:
Auto negotiation:
Digital I/O:
1 input/1 output
H x L x W: 136 x 142 x 47
Power input:
10-30VDC or 10-60VDC
Power consumption:
5 Watt
Temperature range:
-20°C to +70°C (humidity 5 to 95%)

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