9 Aug 2018

KPN stops with 3G in 2022

KPN has announced that it will discontinue its 3G network by January 2022.

After the introduction of 4G, which gave customers much faster and better mobile internet, the number of customers on the 3G network is decreasing.

In order to be able to offer more capacity and higher speeds in the future, KPN has been releasing 3G capacity for 4G for some time. Over 95% of KPN customers now have a smartphone that is suitable for 4G, and KPN expects this percentage to increase further in the coming years.

Customers who do not have a telephone in January 2022 who can call about 4G (VoLTE) will call and text via the 2G network.

In the Netherlands, it was decided in 2014 to roll out smart meters with the objective that at least 80% of households should have a smart meter by the end of 2020. KPN has sustainability high on the agenda. We underline the importance of the smart meter for achieving energy efficiency in households. The fact that this meter is partly dependent on 2G played a role in guaranteeing 2G until April 2025.