WiFi modules for industrial, automotive and ATEX environment

These WiFi modules tailored for industrial, automotive, and ATEX environments represent cutting-edge wireless solutions, catering to the unique demands of these specialized sectors. The product range encompasses WiFi Ethernet switches, Access Points, Bridges, and repeaters, designed to facilitate seamless wireless connectivity within industrial and automotive (EN50155) Ethernet networks.

While the fundamental functionality remains consistent across these modules, the key distinctions lie in their housing, robustness, and operational temperature range. The industrial and automotive sectors often expose electronic equipment to harsh conditions, including temperature extremes and rugged environments. In response, these WiFi modules are built with robust housings and designed to operate reliably across a wide temperature spectrum, ensuring durability and performance even in challenging settings.

To further enhance the range and adaptability of these WiFi modules, a selection of outdoor antennas and RF cables is available. This enables users to optimize their wireless networks by extending coverage and improving signal strength in outdoor or expansive environments. The modular design allows for a tailored approach, allowing users to choose the specific components that meet their environmental and connectivity requirements.

Compliance with standards such as EN50155, which specifies requirements for electronic equipment used in railway applications, underscores the reliability and safety of these WiFi modules in demanding automotive environments. Whether it's providing connectivity in an industrial setting or ensuring robust wireless communication in a moving vehicle, these WiFi modules offer a comprehensive and adaptable solution for diverse applications within industrial, automotive, and ATEX environments.